The Generational Curse

You, yes you. Breathe now look deep within yourself. Do you have what it takes to be a real person? Honestly, do you because if you don’t, leave right now. God is watching your every move. He knows your lies and truths, he can hear every single thought you have. He can also hear how hard your heart beats at this very moment. This is the generational curse, the curse that you hold onto every step of your life. You may have just felt guilty because you sure know I’m absolutely 100% undeniably correct. Damn. Breathe. You need to think, meditate and dream. Dream big, because our generation needs you. People make excuses why they can’t be successful but you, see people need you to become sucessful so you can understand how to help them first and then everyone around you. You have the acquired tools, social media, a phone, hopefully a laptop, maybe a TV. You are lucky if you do because not many people do. You’d be very surprised. God gave you a purpose to grab someone’s hand and reel them into the True Faith. Now do it. You seriously don’t have much time, there’s no promises for tommorow or better yet an hour from now. And even better, better yet. Not even 2 seconds. God knows what you got in you.

The Reason Bad Thing’s Happen

Your excuses are the great barrier of your triumph. We all deal with this, we all have problems and we all have solutions. But the way we push out of that is we need to help eachother in simple ways. Our world is polluted with false people who think they belong in the category mighty. All they are is a bunch of selfish dirt bags. They greed in themselves and there desires. No, actually that is false. The problem we have in this world is we think the solution to the problem is to lock everyone up. But why? Why do we do that! Some people deserve a second chance. And I get it. Some people don’t. But the thing is, these people aren’t being educated. These people are being locked up and raped. The hell! Of course the same damn thing is happening while there’s this circle twirling around over & over again until we all drop and people are wondering why. Open your eyes! Open them please. People deserve consoling, people deserve understanding. People are being locked up while in there lives most of them actually suffered from abuse themselves. Mental, emotional and physical. None of us have an actual right to judge what people have done until they understand what mental abuse is actually like. The reason everyone is flawed is because we are looking in the wrong direction. Jesus Christ died for our sin to live eternal life. I’m not saying that it’s okay to go on a killing spree because that’s far from the truth. But understand that the people who are doing this are getting shot in there head everyday with thoughts and in reality they want to kill themselves but Satan twists it around. Pray for our community, pray for our land, pray for love, pray for promises to be fulfilled. My friends, Jesus is coming soon weather you believe it or not. Your not Jesus so you have nothing to say. But God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son to die on the cross for all of our sins. So turn away from the dark. Seek help, seek understanding. Triumph because the end is coming sooner than you can understand. The glorious God is coming to save this destructive evil world. And you my dearest friend, you are loved unconditionally. May God richly bless you beyond you belief!

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